Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Car Porn: Pontiac Concept Cars

Concept Cars

Since childhood I've loved these fanciful visions of the future, whether one calls them "Dream Cars" or "Concept Cars" are some of my favorites. John

Friday, July 22, 2011

A New Beginning For America and the World This October

Here's hoping that millions of Americans converge peacefully on Washington DC to bring to an end the era of the tragically named Patriot Act and unpiloted drones "policing" the planet, an "austerity budget" that slashes human services to our highly taxed citizens while INCREASING so-called "defense spending" despite our military budget already exceeding THE REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED, a system that gives Israel unconditional support despite its grave perennial crimes (which in turn generates global loathing of the US), that peppers the USDA with Monsanto executives, and that topples democracies around the world in order to take and/or control the resources of other nations. As John Lennon once said....."Power to the People".    John

Monday, July 18, 2011


The gray-smoke of your eyes
pins me against the wall and
before I can object
the warm tip of your finger silences my lips,
barely parted.

Like a delicious glacier
your hand creeps lower,
leaving a trail of empty buttonholes,
the fresh gleam of a zipper...
my eyes close,
my heart opens.

Your clothes evaporate and I gasp
at the rippled gold, the dark brown curls.
The sight of you alone is enough but
then your face steals mine
your heart heals mine
and a mythology of flesh
I never knew
makes a legend of us both,
the boundary between our skins forgotten.

At dawn,
the sheets are flooded by our own golden light.

John Starnes  1985

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good thing for these soulless monsters that I don't have magic powers.....

...else I'd snap my fingers and they'd all be either utterly destitute and/or in jail....sickening to read their breathtaking arrogance and total lack of empathy.  John

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doug Feiger (My Sharona) live in concert

I gather he gave this wonderful high-energy performance after he'd already had major surgeries for cancers, and not that long before he died in early 2010. Nice to see that neither his voice nor passion for this iconic rock and roll song had been diminished by the passing of decades. I will always treasure this song.  Enjoy, John

I'm glad these don't live in Tampa Bay....

...even a baby one would make for a terrifying encounter while swimming at Picnic Island Beach!  John

Saturday, July 9, 2011

'My Sharona'

I'd forgotten just how much I liked this song on the radio back then, just 8 years after I graduated from highschool, until a couple of weeks ago when I heard it on my car radio. That night I found this deliciously simple and direct music video. Not only is the lead singer a hottie in a quirky nerdy way, I love his ferociously sexual body language and singing style from beginning to end. Two guesses who plays this song 6-8 times each time he gets altered? Enjoy, John

p.s. a powered subwoofer is required for full pleasure!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Evidence of Past Water on Mars?

The Next Nissan Z Car?

I am crossing my fingers that this sleek futuristic stunner is a thinly-veiled sneak peek at the next Z sports car! Functional bumper seams in front and aft (vs. the solid shell of a "show car" not destined for production) make this seem quite likely to me. Enjoy the many wonderful wallpapers!