Friday, December 31, 2010

'Through the Night' video

Very old and low-res, but still a gem and reminder of her ballsy creativity I so relished then and now. Enjoy, John

'Free As a Bird' recent video by The The Beatles

I love how George, Ringo and Paul created  this lovely song using old vocal tracks by John Lennon. The video is exquisitely trippy, echoes of 'Yellow Submarine' and Sgt. Pepper. Enjoy, John

Thursday, December 30, 2010

NASA on Global Warming

Despite supposedly clever quips by "climatologists" like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, the cold snaps of late don't negate the rising AVERAGE temperature of Planet Earth. Since the sun's output has been low the last 20 years, and since variations in the Earth's orbit and axis that can naturally warm the planet are not in play, it seems clear to me the cause is the HUGE increase in atmospheric CO2 and methane added by humankind since 1750. John

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a rare, delightful raw studio track of John Lennon singing 'Real Love'

Enjoy, John

'Isn't It A Pity' by George Harrison

For me, this stellar work from 'All Things Must Pass' is one of his very best songs, evocative spiritually and intellectually. Enjoy, John

Time to Share Again Photos of Breathtaking Male Torsos

Maybe in my next lifetime I will be built like anyone of these astonishingly fit the meantime I sure enjoy looking!  Hey, down deep I am very shallow!  Enjoy, John

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dumpster Diving Has Been a Primary Life Skill and Resource For Me since 1976

Two African Elephant Species in Africa

Since in my late childhood I switched  for a few years from obsessing on dinosaurs to prehistoric mammals, including those often way-radical ancestors of the very few elephant species  hanging on in tiny parcels of their former ranges today, I found this headline very interesting. The long extinct shovel-tusker elephants have always looked so prehistoric to me.  John

one of many links:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beaks in Birds and Dinosaurs

As a life long lover of dinosaurs and subscriber to Darwinian evolution, I find this fascinating!   John

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


To this day I love the odd bass line and conflicting drum beat as they mesh with her raw vocals. Breathtaking piece! The song was banned in the U.S.   John

'Paper Shoes'

I fell in love with this astonishing work that same night I did acid for the first time a few days before I graduated from highschool in 1971. I love the piercing eerie vocals, the grinding electric guitars, and the rumbling, tumbling, unrelenting drum beat. The animal sounds add to the enigma. Enjoy, John


This is the original version I heard for the first time when my highschool friend Michael Harvey and I were in the Yellow Bird Record Store at Britton Plaza here in south Tampa when I asked them to play the B side of John's new song....'Cold Turkey' I believe. I was IMMEDIATELY transfixed and poor Michael had to deal with being embarassed by my dancing spontaneously in the record store. It has ever since been in my Top Three Favorite Songs list, and I am so grateful for its raw primal creative ferocity having all these years being mind fertilizer in my efforts to discover and create and improve myself. Plus it is one fucking great dance song in your underwear when deliciously altered!  Enjoy....crank the volume for best effect.  John

'Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage All Over the City'

I played this song the first time I did acid three days before I graduated from Robinson High in 1971. To this day I find the relentless African tribal beat compelling, and her eerie vocals hypnotic.  I love how the words in the title are stretched out and repeated as the lyrics. Once, I read that she wrote this piece after one of her miscarriages.....I don't know if that is true.  Enjoy!  John

My Parents' Estate in Okeechobee, Florida

Who knows how many chickens and eggs and vegetables and guavas and citrus fruits and melons and Old Roses and native irises have been produced here, all with well water? I am sure that I got part of my gardening "bug" from Dad. Enjoy,  John

Nothing like a backyard fire on a cold night

Being "altered" added to the pleasure.  John

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lady Gaga

I know very little about her or her music, and find her show name lame.....but much of the rest of the world clearly exalts her. I noticed this video on YouTube and feel it is visually VERY creative. And the song is okay too. Her live performances with Yoko show her to be a powerful singer with stellar stage presence.  John

Live performance of 'Why' in 2009

Ever since Yoko Ono's iconic 'Why' was released in my senior year of highschool at Robinson here in south Tampa, it has been one of my Top Three Favorite songs due to its raw primal ferocity and creativity, and has served as a trusted fertilizer in my lifelong efforts to be inner directed and self actualizing. So it was a joy to find this video of her first ever live performance of 'Why', at the Meltdown Music Festival in summer 2009. She looks great at 76 here, and is clearly just as energetic and brave and edgy as in her youth. It is a given that I will play this video with the volume CRANKED 2-3 times each time I get altered. Plus the bass player seen up close near the end is a hottie.  Enjoy (or not!) John

Saturday, December 18, 2010

George Harrison's timeless 'My Sweet Lord'

This video is a touching montage/collage of still photos of George Harrison and The Beatles set to what is likely my favorite song of his. Most of the photos I'd never seen before.  Enjoy, John

Friday, December 17, 2010

I'd forgotten about this rudely sexual hilarious rock video parody

Enjoy, John

My Victorian workout and reading room

As a rosarian since 1989 I've been given a GREAT many Old Rose-themed gifts over the years, especially the wonderful china and other treasures my ex-neighbor in Denver, Cherrie Buskhol, bought for me at yard sales and estate sales. In my Denver home my bedroom was done in a hard core Victorian theme to display the collection; here in my Tampa home I turned a rarely used second bedroom into my Victorian workout and reading and writing room. Here are several views taken over time of what many visitors say is their favorite room in my "home interior as art project in progress" due to its stark contrast to my 'Undersea Fantasy Bathroom' and 'Gay Trailer Trash on Acid Livingroom. As usual, nearly all the furniture was scavenged, as was the paint for the walls and floor. Enjoy, John

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

video: Michael Moore on 'Countdown' with Keith Olbermann

Bless Michael Moore, Daniel Ellsberg, Keith Olbermann and Julian Assange.   John

Oil or "Terrorism"?

And yet the US demonizes and threatens and encircles Iran.... oh wait....the Bush Family Dynasty has been best buds of the Saudi monarchy for decades

I support WikiLeaks and Julian Assange!  Bush and Cheney should be in jail for KNOWN war crimes vs. suspicious accusations against Assange getting him locked up.  John

If Americans knew.....

the facts about Israel and the U.S's unconditional support of that rogue nation that daily betrays the basic tenets of the Jewish faith according to many rabbis and Orthodox Jews. John

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Remarkable Flying Wing Radio Controlled Plane

Michael Moore on Julian Assange

I support both men fully for helping to expose so many lies-for-profit that cause breathtaking suffering globally marketed  as "protecting democracy" and the  empire-building "War On Terror"." Both  men are modern day Paul Reveres. John

Monday, December 13, 2010

'Waiting for the D Train'

I love this raucous, shrill, piercing first cut on Yoko's new CD, 'Between My Head and the Sky'. It reminds me of 'Why' in its primal ferocity. Her performance of it live on the Jimmy Fallon Show was breathtaking.....sadly it can no longer be seen and heard at YouTube. Maybe she will finally release a DVD of some of her live performances. Enjoy, John

A Music Video Gem

I'd forgotten about this great song until I heard it at the gym today.....what a creative work!   John

Saturday, December 11, 2010

America is waiting.....

Brian Eno and David Byrne classic.......

I have cherished 'My Life in the Book of Ghosts' since I learned of it belatedly in the late early 90s when I rented a cottage in Odessa, Florida. It is hard to find DVDs of it for sale, and my old CD skips here and there. For me, it is a monolith of trippy music on par with 'A Day in the Life' and possibly inspired by 'Revolution No. 9' from the White Album. Being enhanced by cannabis can add to the wonder of this remarkably creative album.

 And so I am glad that I checked YouTube for tracks from it, and very thankful to the person who shared that sublime music against a trippy backdrop to be sure that this gem is not lost. Pay it forward and pass it on.

Enjoy, John

Gratitude Is central to being happy.....

It was not until I endured deep, years long financial duress and seemingly endless winters in Denver, followed by the blessings of coming home to Tampa to a paid for home and no debt, plus good health, friends and the climate that feels "right" to me, the scent of saltwater, that I finally knew how to feel deep daily gratitude for my abundances. This concise two part article in 'Psychology Today' is an excellent overview of how to cultivate and make habitual a life posture of gratitude for food in the fridge, a car that runs, being able paying a bill, the scent of flowers in a garden, falling asleep on sheets fresh that day from the clothesline, sharing a meal with a friend, feeling one's hands in rich living soil, an embrace with someone you love....the list is deliciously infinite. Enjoy!  John

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I applaud Ron Paul for his brave stances, including his support of Wikileaks

I will be donating to Wikileaks via Information Clearing House to challenge the Empire and the New World Order where 6.5 BILLION human beings are seen as cattle to control and use for profit, by a TINY way too powerful elite. Henry Kissinger once referred to the people of the world I believe as "useless eaters"....but we "eaters" generate the wealth that  folks of his ilk luxuriate  in even as they devise wars of choice for profit to keep their gravy train chugging along.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Dear Prudence' by The Beatles

A gem from the White Album.  John

Blended Wing Body prototype flight video.....exciting!

I hope I live to ride in a commercial airliner shaped like this fully running radio-controlled prototype.  Too cool....enjoy!  John

concert performance of 'Don't Worry Kyoko, Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow'

Hearing this song the year it came out when I was a junior at Robinson Highschool is what lead me from her poems and sculptures to her music. I like best the album version, but I am relishing seeing and sharing this video of her performing it live at the age of 76. Enjoy, John

In fond memory and honor of Leslie Nielsen...what a guy

'Forbidden Planet'.....'Airplane'.....'Naked Gun'.....priceless treasures. Thanks Leslie!  John

.....if you like making and flying paper airplanes..... will love this video!   Enjoy, John

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1944 video of 'Appalachian Spring'

Aaron Copland created this gem for her.....I am so glad I finally watched videos of her performing it in 1944. Enjoy,  John

Coming news about alien life?!....

'What The Bleep Do We Know' potluck at my house

Years ago this remarkable film had a potent effect on me by encouraging me to think and feel more bravely, knowing that my short life will be spent on the third planet from a benign star shepherding a solar system in an outer arm of a huge spiral of many billions of galaxies. So why think and feel small and "safe" for fear of being considered "weird" or risky actual change? I've watched it easily thirty times over the years, altered and not ( I prefer "not") but it has been well over a year since I immersed myself in its imaginative wonder. Yesterday as my friend Tim and I talked about creating and choosing positive pre-emptive change in our lives vs. just reacting, I decided to host here a small potluck to eat, watch it, then gather around a fire in my back yard to discuss it and our own current state of affairs and dreams. I've hosted easily half a dozen dinners and potlucks to view and discuss this gem and so look forward to this new potluck.

Here is a link to the movie on-line, though the resolution looks low compared to the DVD on my TV. For me, 'What The Bleep Do We Know' cultivates wonder and gratitude as do my gardens. Enjoy, John