Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Night On Earth'

Treat yourself to parts 2 & 3 and emerge improved and laughing and tearful.

Futuristic Cars Video

Since I was 10 in the UP of Michigan I have LOVED seeing images of futuristic cars. And while some of the cars in this video are for my tastes just so-so, some make me feel 10 again! Enjoy, John

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'Feel the Sand'

This lovely, soft ballad that celebrates the ephemeral and intangible beauties all around and within us, is my second-favorite song on the new Yoko Ono album 'Between My Head and the Sky', with the ferociously raucous 'Waiting for the D Train' being my top choice. Her creative output continues unabated at 77. Enjoy, John

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Led Zeppelin"Whole Lotta Love"

I relish having been 17 when this astonishingly raw rock song came out. John

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Israel and UN Resolution 242

But of course, Israel, no longer a safe homeland for Jews but instead an expansionistic Zionist rogue nation, will ignore the Palestinians' call that it SIMPLY ABIDE by UN Resolution 242 that it has ignored for 43 years now......return the occupied lands that Israel stole in its PRE-EMPTIVE attack on FIVE neighboring nations in 1967. Yet the US supports and funds Israel unconditionally while demonizing Iran, a country that has attacked NO nation in four hundred years. John

Excellent Letter By Cindy Sheehan

Silicon Battery Breakthrough

This is very promising. John

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Beatles performing 'Hey Jude' on The David Frost Show

For those who share my love of 'Appalachian Spring'............

Cyndi Lauper in concert..."All Through the Night"

Very nice. John

From John Lennon's Wife on His Birthday today.....

It is hard for me to imagine a world where John Lennon had never existed. John

Dad's and My Key West Trip

"....number 9, number 9, number 9........."

mini me

Short John Silver

Short John Silver

Green Anole

My Dad, John senior

Royal Poinciana, Key West Cemetery

Some years ago I picked up my Dad in Okeechobee, Florida and we made a Father and Son trek to Key West where I was born and where he served in the Navy. We even found the apartment on Catherine Street where he and Mom and I lived.....apartment no. 9. We saw quite a few sights, including a metallic looking interesting curbside entertainer who identified himself as Short John I recall, my frugal Dad gave him a $20 bill for his efforts. I hope you enjoy a few of the many photos I took there. John

Making a "Stealth" AEROGAMI paper airplane

Friday, October 8, 2010

Someone else's flying wings!

One of the guys in the Radio Controlled Planes forum I joined in May sent me this cool link about how someone used JUST the wings from the Flying Eagle foam gliders I am working with to make a true flying wing. Looks great but his relies on standard high drag wing flaps vs. the low drag 'trailing edge camber' approach I very much want to pursue. I love both of his designs, especially the one with the vertical stabilizers in the center of the wings vs. the tips. John

New Foam Gliders to Modify!

X Racer Foam Glider Flying Eagle Foam Glider (53 inch wingspan)

I ordered one of these COOL looking one piece X Racer foam gliders for just $7.99 from a Christian book store to either fly by hand or maybe add a TEENSY electric motor and battery to, plus two of the 53 inch giant foam gliders for just $9.99 each.....shipping for all three just $5.99. MUCH better prices than I have seen anywhere! I am loving my new hobby, one I never thought I'd pursue back when super expensive gas powered RC planes made them the hobby of the very well off vs. this new very affordable electric motor approach. I will convert one of those 53 inch ones that was converted to the RC plane in the video to my first attempt at a foam plane flying wing, though I MAY leave the nose on and add canard wings up front. John

My Next RC Foam Plane Project

Fun to be finally pursuing this old dream of a foam glider flying wing! John

VERY cool looking Super Car!

The rear wheel covers remind me of my childhood iconic spaceship Fireball XL 5.

Enjoy, John

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Susan Boyle

This stunning night is well worth revisiting now and then......I get choked up each and every time I witness the soulful magic. Enjoy, John

Live Performance of "Why" in London

One of my three favorite songs of all time is the 1970 original on the 'Plastic Ono Band', with 'Why' being my favorite Yoko Ono song since 1970. I just stumbled on this live performance she did in London last year at the age of 76. I THINK this is the ONLY time that she has re-sung or performed this raw nerve edge primal release piece that many rock historians say was the birth of punk rock. Enjoy (maybe not, lol!) John