Friday, August 31, 2012

The Beatles

I've long loved two songs from the 'Yellow Submarine' album that seem quite obscure....'Northern Song' and  
'It's All Too Much', both written primarily by George Harrison. The second link is to the end of the movie and 'It's All Too Much'. Enjoy!


Give me a break!

What War?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I usually think that calling woman a cunt is in poor taste

....but not in this situation. What a cunt.,0,3323996.story

While helping my 82 year old wonderful neighbor Theresa with her gardens today I was reminded that, while I've had a great many really cool Christians of differing "brands" in my life over the years, those that self identify as Catholic seem to be the most Christ-like and accepting. I bought this house in November of 1998 when I still lived in Denver, and Theresa and her now-deceased husband Bill, who was the Deacon for MacDill AFB for many years, knowing that I am a pot-smoking homosexual, immediately gave me the keys to their house and I gave them mine. When I'd be in Denver and a storm would knock out the power, Bill would go into my house and reset all the outlet lamp timers. When I moved in to my home in 2002 I'd care for their dog Ginger, get the mail etc, turn on the porch light, etc. when they would travel. Bill had dementia for 6 years and Theresa could call me at 11 PM with me fully "altered" and playing my music full blast and I would immediately be grounded/not high and go into their home to assist her as he "acted out" until we could reassure him and get him calmed down. Since Bill died a few years ago I've been helping her out around the house and yard, and as always she calls to give me leftovers (Bill hated leftovers and I am a garbage gut tightwad who LOVES to be fed!) Other Catholics in my life, plus Methodists, have been similar blessings. Least Christ-like and scariest by FAR have been the "Born Again" Christians who usually "found Jesus" after hitting absolute bottom with alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc....hardly a "rational" intellectual conversion but instead one born of raw "end-of-my-rope" desperation. I know that Catholicism as a social force has a horrid history (Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, slaughter of native Americans, silence as Nazis slaughtered Jews etc.) but as individual friends and neighbors most Catholics have been wonderful to know, with their showing NONE of the crass shameful materialism as demonstrated by the Pope and the Vatican, nor the shrill judgementalism of "Born Again" Christians I've had the misfortune to know.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cute music video that hits the mark....

Hot bodies too!   John

Remarkable Video!

This is NOT a simulation but the Curiosity rover recording its own landing after dropping the heat shield that protected it during entry into the Martian atmosphere!