Monday, March 29, 2010

10 minute video on the plight of Gaza

I wish all Americans, since their taxes are used to fund these perennial crimes, would miss 10 minutes of 'Dancing with the Stars' and watch this eyeopener. Israel long ago ceased to be a safe homeland for Jews, or to even follow the basics tenets of Judaism, yet after each new US-funded atrocity, they retreat either into the role of "victim", or used that tried and true "you are anti-Semitic" when their policies are contested. As a homosexual man, this reminds me of some truly obnoxious, in-your-face gay men and lesbians I've known, who, when confronted about their very vulgar carryings on in public, rather than own that and apologize and seek to behave better, trot out that good old reliable hiss "YOU'RE HOMOPHOBIC!".

Since Israel thumbs its nose at the US and the Geneva Conventions and dozens of UN resolutions (like 242, which lies at the heart of the crisis), along with human decency as regards their shocking treatments of Gazans, since they attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 and got away with murder, yet again, since Israel agents were arrested in a public park in New York while filming 9-11 and CHEERING as the horror unfolded, and since they say they are "God's Chosen People" (which means the other 6.5 BILLION of us aren't in their view) I hope the U.S. cuts off the billions in cash and weapons and let's their "God" take care of them. Google "Jews and Rabbis against Israel or Zionism" for glimmers of hope that Jews around the world are realizing that Israel, daily, violates the very essence of the Jewish faith. This "God gave us this land 3,000 years ago" claim is conveniently unverifiable. But they use it perennially to occupy lands, like the Shebba Farms breadbasket, that has been inhabited for MANY centuries by Arabs, Muslims and Christians alike. I wonder if that is how they justify the widespread phenomenon of Orthodox Jews spitting on Christians in Israel?

I am so ashamed I was a kneejerk supporter of Israel all my life until the spring of 2001 when I FINALLY made it a priority to be informed by sources other than corporate US media. John

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Universe Wish List Item: Giant Crystal for My Livingroom Ceiling

The top of my livingroom is a collage of mirror and other shiny objects, plus holographic cardboard forms, glued to the ceiling, and arranged to resemble a mandala or kadeidoscope. It looks one way in daytime due to ambient light from the windows, and altogether different at night as I slowly turn on various trippy light sources as "I Am The Walrus" plays loudly.

I have for years imagined a giant crystal the size of my thigh anchored to the very center of the mandala by drilling through to the roof beams. Since my Universe Wish List has done wonders for me for almost 20 years now, I decided recently to add a giant crystal for my ceiling mandala wish.....what do I have to lose? But experience tells me that my sincere wishes seem to act as "seeds" that result in my harvesting what I wished, so I am, I feel, realistically hopeful about this all manifesting at the right time.
So a few weeks ago I suspended a small quartz crystal I've owned for years to the center of the ceiling using some thin nylon thread. I love, especially when altered on cannabis, to look at that "seed crystal" suspended in the air, and imagine it superceded by a huge, thigh-sized crystal anchored to the ceiling. That sight would be simply astonishing. Watch me find the crystal in a dumpster! John

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rodney Dangerfield was so bad he was genius....

The best part of the movie for me is the young couple doing a slapstick stumble and fall on his long-broken sidewalk. Here is a great scene too. John

Very cool electric GM "concept cars" just revealed.

I love the concepts and executions...they look so futuristic and cool, and I hope that GM actually BUILDS them for a freakin' change, as they could meet a huge need in dense inner cities. I can just imagine them being recharged by rooftop photovoltaic solar panels at home and work. Great work, GM! John

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

rare ( I think) Rolling Stones video

I love this movie
"To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest."-- Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi - (1869-1948)

I now agree...Birds ARE Dinosaurs

For years I've noticed that birds, like reptiles, have a cloaca that transmits urine, feces and eggs vs. an anus, etc. Many dinosaurs had beaks and were warm-blooded and they laid eggs. My chickens' legs have LONG struck me as looking like little T-rex feet...just check out these photos from a rooster I slaughtered and baked last week (dinosaurs taste just like chicken!). When I was preparing that rooster's carcasse I again noticed the vestigial finger on the wing that still clearly has an exposed reptilian claw. Then there are the vast numbers of extremely detailed fossils from China that reveal every step of evolution towards flying birds from running and gliding feathered theropod dinosaurs, with very clearly preserved fossil feathers in the fine-grained shale......even T-Rex had feathers! Recovery and analysis of ancient DNA from fossilized T-Rex leg bones show that the closest known relative is the ostrich. Freakin' amazing! This is all so fascinating to me as someone who has loved dinosaurs and prehistoric life in general since early childhood. The articles and images below offer nice encapsulizations of current knowledge and opinion. Enjoy! John

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tina Turner is perennially hot! John

Cold Fusion news

I can't help but to be curious and excited about this development! And I can't help but to continue to wonder what will be learned about the theory of "zero point energy" or "vacuum energy". What an amazing Universe (plural?) we live in. John

Cool Pontiac Concept Cars

The Pontiac Pursuit (1988 I believe) will always be one of my favorite
concept cars of all time due to its extremely futuristic sleek styling.

The 1969 Pontiac Cirrus was deliciously radical!

The 1988 Pontiac Banshee will also also be a lifelong
favorite concept car for me. I SO wish it would have
gone into production as a Firebird!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Could Israel Drag the U.S. Into a War With Iran?

This excellent article in Newsweek gives me hope that folks are waking up to the fact that America has answered to Israel for decades, not the reverse, even though we fund and weaponize them. John

Friday, March 19, 2010

my post today on CNN

Israel has been in violation of Resolution 242 since 1967, has twice said no to the Saudi Peace Accord that gave them full recognition by Arab states by simply abiding by 242, and for years now has sealed off Gaza from vital supplies including food, fuel, medicine and concrete to punish them for electing Hamas....are the Gazans supposed to watch their children die? I supported Israel for years not realizing their crimes against the Geneva Conventions and the UN., thinking it is a safe Jewish homeland. But it is an expansionistic Zionist regime that within 3 weeks of its creation in 1948 had seized 40% MORE land than has been allocated for its creation, plus within weeks after that had expelled 700,000 native inhabitants, again in stark violation of the accords that led to its creation. Israel is perennially largely at fault for its woes and the vast suffering it causes innocents. Not ONE nation recognizes as legal its seizure of Jerusalem, yet here in violation of the Geneva Conventions (yet again) they want to build 1,600 MORE homes in land they illegally occupy. And the US funds them and sells them weapons unconditionally year after year....and then they and we whine about being hated "for our freedoms and way of life". America and Israel are on the wrong side of both morality and history.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

my wonderful cat Angel

I got my cat Angel in front of a Denver grocery store in the fall of 1998, and named her Angel on the spot because she was so sweet and purred as soon as the young woman took her out of the cardboard box and handed her to me. She is a dear in so many ways. She has a quirky behavior that cracks me up...she MUST sleep on or in ANY new object that enters the home or yard it seems. And since I am a dumpster diving packrat, that means she gets to do it often. Here are a photos of Angel all blissed out. enjoy, John

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

When I was in 7th grade in Homestead, Florida in 1965, this was a prime time sci-fi mainstay on TV. While I did have a crush on David Hedison who played the captain, it was the long, sleek finned submarine, with its radical winged front end, that captured my imagination even to this day. Here are some cool images of the 'Seaview' submarine I really like as they capture the very creative, sculptural form of the sub. I loved launching my rubber band powered submersible plastic Seaview model in the deep clear canal behind our trailer park when I was in 8th grade. Cool submarine....enjoy. John

An intense, wonderfully challenging video

Yoko live on Japanese TV last year, enjoy John!v=6D7pHGefiFQ&feature=related

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Free-to-Cheap "Restricted Drainage Pots"

Two years ago this month I took a big black plastic tree pot, pulled used grocery bags through every drainage hole from the inside out to restrict drainage yet allow air flow to enable roots to absorb oxygen at night as they need to. Then I added compost, a chunk of broken concrete block near the bottom as a calcium source and possible nematode deterence, added more layers of soil and organic matter, then planted the rose "Fairmount Red" I discovered in 1989 in Denver's Fairmount Cemetery, that I loved in my Denver yard but that had died in my Tampa yard twice, and quickly. But in this restricted drainage pot it took off, and in defiance of logic and our mild winters here, despite it being a once-bloomer comprised almost entirely of new growth vs. older wood, it bloomed last March at one year of age!!!
A few years ago I started experimenting here to try to deal personally with the south Tampa rain shadow, and also to try to understand so many of my readers had e-mailed over the years with their poor results with their Earth Boxes. The end result was the Water Wise Container Garden I now rely on almost completely for my beloved roses, and also very greatly for food gardening. I am writing an article about this life changing approach to gardening I wish I'd thought of twenty years ago, for 'Florida Gardening', and I teach classes about them here at home.
A large commercial black plastic tree pot, similar to the one in the photos, and filled with homemade soil, is letting me grow carrots, a thirsty crop that gets bitter when underwatered, easily and watered exclusively by rain water I catch off my roof eaves with 5 gallon buckets. Whenever I position one of these Restricted Drainage Pots in my yard, I mulch around it with a few inches of leaves or chipped tree mulch, to hide the unsightly bags protruding from the drainage holes.
I love this concept because it works well for me, (and I fully expect it will for other gardeners) costs little or nothing, is based almost wholly on recycling, and can be used on any flower pot or container that has its drainage holes at the bottom. Plug those holes up with plastic grocery bags, add good soil, plant your plant, and expect great growth and greatly reduced watering.
I'd love to hear from folks about their having tried this out, plus their own variations on the theme.
Water is growing only scarcer all over this teensy planet.....seeing how much one can cut back on water use can be a fun obsession that saves money and contributes to global healing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Exellent Editorial

Well stated and loaded with accurate data! Just imagine if Iran shot down one of OUR civilian airliners with almost 300 people on board, or if a foreign nation toppled OUR government with a coup and vast numbers of Americans died as a result?

Cool New Energy Source!

Great Speech by Yoko Ono from March 10

Her speech at Oxford University March 10, 2010


A butterfly is hopping from flower to flower. Oh, good. I think. The butterfly is busybodying as usual. Peace reins. But what is the butterfly really doing? When a tiny movement like the flapping of the wings of a butterfly brings about a big change elsewhere, it's called the butterfly effect in physics. I've just heard this one... so I don't know it's legitimacy. But if they don't call it a butterfly effect, there should be a word that expresses this phenomenon. A breeze created by a bunch of kids dancing bringing a stop to an argument going on in the other side of the globe unknown to the dancers? Why not? The latest news is that even a couch potato is useful for us, in that their breathing helps to balance the atmosphere. The world and it's mechanics are still very much a mystery. We are like butterflies. We busybody ourselves every day for our survival as we think we know how. But the difference with us, is that we know we are not as innocent as the butterflies. We are about to ruin this planet we call ours through our stupidity. Letting the axis of evil turn the wheel of destruction. What can we do to reverse the situation? The enormity of the task depresses us to no end, to the point that it is almost easier to just give up, or try to tackle the evil force head on. But the truth is, If we try to reverse the wheel of evil, we will end up giving so much of our energy to its power, we will join it instead of reversing it. Evil often presents itself to us as an illusion of goodness. So by being confused, instead of freeing ourselves from it, we could be destroyed by it. To protect ourselves, each one of us must clearly see what Evil really is. Evil is only a dis-ease (disease) created by confused minds, which eventually disappears by its own steam. But it can do so much harm before it self-destruct. So we must do something to counteract it NOW. Luckily, there are so many of us in the world, who are now ready to act to save our world. People ask me constantly what they can do to bring world peace. I want to make a suggestion here. Let's go step by step. Since destiny is created by first imaging what destiny we want for ourselves, we should IMAGINE PEACE in a big way with total conviction. In the old days, gurus sat and meditated day and night. That was pretty powerful. But we live in a different world. Time is so precious to us now. A million kids can be killed in one second as we are wondering what to do. So we can’t just sit and meditate. We should IMAGINE PEACE day and night, as we go about our daily lives. Yes. One thing that is interesting is you cannot be violent while you are imagining peace.
 If all of us in the world imagined peace at all times, there will be no dis-ease (disease) in the world. In fact, dis-ease will disappear from this planet altogether. The next thing we should do is to focus on healing the world we have destroyed, by asking your healing power to come out.
 Your intent of healing will start to show it’s power by just asking for it.
 When all of us in the world ask the world to be healed, it will be. Know that it is that simple.
 We are all connected.
 We affect each other right away.
 We affect each other even when we are in fear, confusion, anger, wanting to destroy the world and help to increase the dis-ease.
 That’s how strongly connected we are. Start doing what you can do, knowing that you are standing in the midst of an incredible disaster created by us, the human race. It is so bad that the farmers, who are providing what we eat, are being bankrupted for not complying to the ways of greedy corporate needs, losing their ancestral lands and some of them even committing suicide. The saddest thing is that so many children are sexually abused, sold for human parts and die or perish before their teens. Take a good look at what is happening around you. You might feel you want to strangle the force of evil which is doing this. But I must tell you, don't move until you changed your energy of anger into pure energy of getting the work done with love. Is that possible? Well, it has to be. The Universe will be affected immediately as you start to think in the right way to correct the dis-ease in our world. Start with something small. 
Do one nice thing a day.
 Call your mom and tell her you are thinking of her. Not just calling her for help. She'll cry.
 Look at the trees and admire their beauty in words and in action. They'll glow and grow. Don't ever be cynical. Cynicism is death. We are now swimming together to get to the shore of goodness and peace.. Cynicism will drown us right in the middle of the ocean and kill us. We need the power of belief to help us reach the shore. Nothing more.
 Be a busybody for our collective survival. Send a message to your friend and tell them what you respect about her or him. Because they are your family. Some people ask me if I get depressed, if I lose confidence in what I am and whether I get upset with those terrible people. Well, I do. for a moment. But I am really too busy, I don't have time to be depressed, lose my confidence, or think ill of anybody, for long. I just don't have the time. Send your message through the internet of how you love life and why. Because the people on the internet are also your family. 
If you keep meditating in your mind - not giving yourself the luxury of making a special sit-in meditation, but doing what you can do to change the world, if you did that for three months you will see the difference in your life and even a difference in our planet. Really! Thus, we will make a quiet revolution together. Be creative. But just do what you can do. Nothing more. 
By that, you will be starting the wheels of goodness to turn. Something especially wonderful was told to me just recently. Two scientists who were researching the effect of waves in the ocean for two years, came to the conclusion that the smallest stimulus to the water be it a drop of a pebble, or a child splashing the water at the shore, affects the whole ocean, each time. Well, I thought we do affect each other on land, but I hadn't realized that that was true in the ocean as well! What a blessing! Nature is making things so easy for us! So now I call ourselves the small pebble people. Send small pebbles to the world. Don't make big splashes with large stones. That will attract people and the wrong people as well. Our quiet revolution will not make announcements, but one day will be accepted by all people as the norm of life. The human race has done that with many things. Like we wanted to fly, and invented aeroplanes. We wanted to see the other side of the moon, and we have. This time, we want to heal our planet, and bring peace to this world. We can do that. Meanwhile, in my minds eye, I see butterflies disappearing from earth as bees have. There will be birds getting confused by the directions of the new winds we are creating for energy A group of American Indians protested that the wind power was blowing the wind to their ancestors graves. "They should have protested at the inception of the plan. It's too late, now" was what they were told. People need jobs. So the project is pretty much going ahead with no protest. Together with corporations which decided that they owned the water rights in some Eastern land, where people suddenly, could not drink water without paying the corporation, and some of them were jailed for not paying for the drinking water which was free for them all these years, I am a bit concerned that now we will have wind rights. In fact, I am starting to miss the butterfly I saw in my backyard when I was a little girl. I was the kind of child, who just kept watching the butterfly dance - until the butterfly was in my heart. It was floating in the breeze, dancing the dance of life. Start your own campaign today. You will see that it spreads and covers the world very fast, and meanwhile it will make you one of the small pebble people. Small pebble people are people who know that small pebbles, when they're dropped in the ocean, will immediately affect the ocean of the whole wide world. Again, don't throw big stones. It scares people and creates repercussions. So we’ll just keep dropping small pebbles. Together. That's how we will change the world. We change, and the world changes. Have trust in what you can do. Have trust in how fast we can change our world for the better. Why? Because we have to. I would like to share an affirmation with you. Now say it in your mind with the firm belief that we are one, and together. We'll make it. In the name of truth, peace and love,
Our planet is healthy and whole.
We, the people of earth see clearly, hear clearly, think clearly,
Make the right judgement, right decision and the right move
For the benefit of us, our planet and the Universe. We are now bathing in the light of dawn,
Standing in the heaven we have created together on this planet. We wish to share this age of joy with all lives on Earth,
As we are One,
United with infinite and eternal love. For the highest good of all concerned, so be it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yoko Ono on 'The View' in 2003

America: THE "Rogue Nation" the world fears most

Giant Aerogami Paper Airplane

Now and then I score very large sheets of extra thick paper and enjoy making giant versions of my differing AEROGAMI paper airplane designs. This double delta design has a triangular trailing edge camber section made by snipping the fuselage, then inverting it up to form both the tail and the camber section that deflects the rear of the plane down with little drag as it flies to keep the nose up. One fun challenge is making the wings rigid and self supporting, so I use two finger nails and the edge of my glass work table to emboss ridges into the wings that had a surprising amount of rigidity. I slipped two sections of miniblid into the fuselage to make it stiff and strong while adding very little weight. A tiny stapler enabled me to close to upper portion of the trailer edge camber section into a thin, strong, functional vertical stabilizer.

AEROGAMI planes this big are difficult to ground to toss them from a rooftop or hilltop for a nice long slow glide.

Years ago in Denver I sold hundreds of AEROGAMI planes at The Denver Botanic Gardens and other venues, and had a few of my giant ones in an art gallery in Aspen. I will be making and selling AEROGAMIs again soon here in Tampa.

Enjoy! John

Monday, March 8, 2010

Star Wars Spaceships

I have always been a Trek head due mainly to the various Enterprise designs...for me it is the ships not Captain Kirk or Spock's ears. I was never into Star Wars in part due to the spaceships being un-aerodyamic shapes designed for the vacuum of space. But I loved the last few Star Wars movies due to the movies' contents AND the very sleek spaceships. I have a spazz when I see Princess Amidala's chrome-plated flying wing craft.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look what I spotted at Home Depot!

Check out this cherry old Chevy! Late 40's? Early 50's? Cool thing to see at south Tampa's Home Depot south of Gandy Blvd. while there to ogle plants and seeds. Enjoy, John
p.s. if anyone knows the year of this car, please let me know.....I am pretty good with cars from the 1960s forward since I have been nuts about car design since 1963.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Wonderful Concert Tribute to George Harrison....what a delight.

Time After Time
"Civilization is an unnatural act. We have to make it happen, you and I, together with all the other strangers. And because we and strangers have to agree on the difference between a horse thief and a horse trader, the distinction is ethical. Without it, a society becomes a war against all, and a market for the wolves becomes a slaughter for the lambs." Bill Moyers - Commencement address to Hamilton College in 2006.

A Short Video Compilation of Yoko Ono's Life and Work

This wonderful video was broadcast on the occasion of Yoko Ono being presented with yet another lifetime achievement award, this one by MOJO magazine. What a brilliant, brave and multi-talented artist and activist who has been a very positive influence in my life since I was 16 in 1969. I am glad that at 77 she has lived to see her work and life vindicated after all those years of unwarranted, hateful villification. John

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Revamp of the southeast corner of my livingroom

A combination of dumpster treasures past and present, and my packrat nature, recently resulted in my finally "finishing" that corner that had been lacking in some ways, plus my getting a free new TV. More to come. Koo koo ka CHOO! John

Great site for the Eco-Minded Auto Enthusiast

There are some very creative, determined minds out there! John

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Moon has ice at both poles!

Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 A.D.

A few years ago I remembered anew just how mental I went over this comic book when I was in the 6th grade at Kincheloe AFB Elementary. Flying cars, very cool spaceships and robots and machines, buildings and robots that float, very trippy architecture.....classic hyper-futuristic sci fi imagery that made my imagination sore. So one day I Googled these great images of covers, then ordered a small hardcover book that is a compilation of a few classic issues. What a delight to re-experience a source of joy that was treasured by a sad little boy enduring domestic hell daily.

Plus I am guessing Magnus's awesome torso is what "turned" me gay.....LOL! Enjoy, John