Saturday, February 25, 2017

One fun thing about near-effortless dream recall since 1976 after a 30 day assignment in a college psych class, is waking up each morning and laying there and quickly reviewing the night's dreams. Nightmares are very rare, but a huge assortment of dream topics pop up every night that it would take the whole day to try to relate them. But most aren't notable or worth telling about. Last night two dreams sequences WERE one me and a friend were climbing on a big hill made of dry soil, no plants at all, that was suspected of being volcanic. At one point we found a few small fissures and from below ground were some rumbling sounds indicating an eruption was coming. Not scary at all, kind of cool. Another dream Paul McCartney and I and my dog (NOT Cracker) were exploring a large toy store with VERY cool models of aircraft that could fly in the store. All looked cool but white plastic one I held was VERY futuristic. He and I had lunch in a diner there, and with some embarrassment I told him that at times I see humanity as a scourge on the planet, that I feel very bittersweet about our future here. There was much more to that dream sequence but no use starting to tell else I can't eat my breakfast! I have almost no subconscious after all these years of experiencing nightly the inner workings of my mind, so as a result I feel very "whole" and connected to who I am. I love my dream life!